Tips for School Teachers

Did you know...
The classroom teacher is one of the highest risk categories in vocal health. The teacher is several times more likely to sustain vocal damage over time than a person with “normal” vocal use. Teachers are expected to be heard over the often constant sound of noisy classrooms; class after class, day after day, year after year.

Vocal projection and stamina are required by teachers to be able to meet this challenge. Just like any muscle or set of muscles in the body, the voice should be well cared for and exercised, as it responds well to training and development.

A voice that is properly developed and trained will be far more capable of meeting these rigourous vocal requirements. The correct development of the voice not only provides training for the larynx and all of the muscles necessary for correct vocal function, it also trains the muscles in surrounding systems like the neck and torso, that are necessary for the support and power of the voice.
Teachers that are experiencing any difficulties at all vocally should not hesitate to contact a reputable voice teacher or speech pathologist. Skills in vocal health, development and maintenance are yours forever once they have been  learnt, and it is possible to notice significant changes in vocal well-being and stamina after only a short period of time.