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This blog is for Simon's album recording sessions

2012 - A good start to the year.

Monday 6 February

Had a great session with Al Park today. Introduced him to another two songs and discussed the best approach for one of them. We then looked at adding another couple of synth lines to one of my earlier songs - In the Beginning. Unfortunately we ran out of time before we could complete the midi files. Will return to work further on this material with Al in a couple of weeks.

Session with Brad at Topcat Studios

Monday 13 February

Booked in for a session with Brad at Topcat today. We worked on two songs, The Sword in the Stone and Sweet Lady Life.

For The Sword in the Stone I added some vocal harmonies as well as a number of additional guitar lines in the harmonic bed underneath the two verses. These are intended to combine with the vocals and vocal harmonies using very medieval sounding perfect 4ths and 5th's. The result is a Celtic sounding piece which gives weight to the lyric. Here's a quick excerpt:

More work with Al Park

Last Wed, 7th December, I did the trip to Byron Bay again to work some more with Al Park. We got stuck into the song Lucky, a seven-minute song with a hint of prog rock about it.

When two worlds collide!

So on Wednesday, 14 November, 2011, I arranged to meet Al Park at Top Cat Studios so we could add the various midi tracks to the orignal studio-created songs. This was an important occasion, bringing the worlds of Al Park's keys and midi work into my tracks, because once they're all in the studio system I'll have a really good idea of how the pieces are to sound together and I'll be able to add or redo any other vocal or guitar parts etc.

Another great session with Al Park,

This last Wednesday I made the trip to Byron Bay for another session with AL. I was running late as I had to drop three of my instruments into local luthier, Stuart Newman's, workshop where he is going to weave his musical magic.

Home Recording Session

Got to know my Cakewalk Sonar program a little better tonight and put down an excellent French Horn couple of harmonised midi tracks for Starlight.

Another great sesson with Al Park

Yesterday I had another great sesson with Al Park. We sat down to his PC music station and worked on tightening up the midi string sounds for my song "Sweet Lady Life". After my last session with Al, I had thought that we'd completed this one already, but I got home and discovered that the midi strings were not adequately aligned rhythmically to the original audio file of the song.

Great session in the studio with Brad

Had another great session in the studio with Brad tonight. I booked the studio from 5.00 pm to 11.00 pm and went in with as many instruments as I could carry! I took my new bass, plus my Cort 12-string guitar, a Tanglewood mandolin, a bag of flutes & whistles, etc., plus my old Bas GT-5 guitar effects processor.

I didn't really have much more of a plan than - play a bass line for "One Day Soon" - a thoughtful contemorary piece with a pick-me-up chorus - and have a look at adding some flute parts to "Lucky".

TopCat studio with Brad

Just back from a recording session at TopCat studio with Brad.We had about six hours and in that time I took in my new bass and re-did the bassline for Starlight - a contemporary/acoustic-rock story-song about a young lady called Sally and her journey away from abuse toward hope. Lot's of guitar in this one, and multi-layered vocals.

Another bass guitar

Guess what? I bought myself another bass guitar this week as my previous guitar - a Tanglewood 5-string bass - was very old and the action (the height of the strings above the fretboard) was way too high! I tried to adjust the neck truss rod, but there was just no more play in the truss rod available, and so the action remained VERY high (we're talking about 1 full centimetre above the strings! Basically unplayable!)

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