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My Album, Reality Changes, is NOW AVAILABLE!!

Hey folks, It's been a while since my last post - been crazy busy!

Well, it's official! Hooray!!! My album, Reality Changes, is now complete and is available as both a physical CD (with an awesome 16 page booklet included!) and online at all good digital outlets - iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

How cool is that!! I'll have a new page online shortly where you'll be able to purchase the CD, listen to some of the tracks, etc.

Ready for Mastering at Last!!!

Yes, folks, it's been a long time coming, but I can now announce that my full album, Reality Changes, is officailly fully mixed and ready to be mastered. Hooray!!!

I finished the final track, The Long Forgotten Feeling, on Saturday 26 December, 2016. All it took was a little bit of tweaking, tightening up some of the volume levels on various guitar tracks and adjusting the bass eq and level as well as. It wasn't a long session, but once it was complete, I knew that I had a take I'd be happy with. 

And now, to the Mastering Studio!

Almost done now!

So, I went back into the studio on Sunday, October 30 and took my Yamaha Pacifica guitar with me - a decent low to mid range instrument that gives a great sound. I also took my old Boss GT5 guitar effects processor as well and when I combine the two, I get all sorts of awesome noises.

In order to wrap up my album, Reality Changes, I only need to complete one more song - and so I went in with the aim of adding some electric guitar to the incomlpete song - The Long Forgotten Feeling.

It's been so long ... but it's on track at last!

G'day folks, well, I've been on quite a journey these last two years - I've been dealing with issues that required a great deal of my head space and haven't been able to complete my album, Reality Changes - which is still sitting at around 95% completed!

Almost done now ...

It's getting very exciting these days! I'm only really a few more studio visits away from being completely finished with this album - currently named "Reality Changes". It's been an absolute labour of love and I've loved every minute of it!

Mixing and Tweaking ....

G'day there folks, time for the next update in my recording sessions blog.

So, yesterday was March 19th and Brad Wann and I were back at work in TopCat studios mixing my album. Instead of kicking off with a brand new song, I decided to tweak a few previous mixes. This was a very productive morning and we covered four songs in two and a half hours.

The songs we worked on were:

More Mixing ...

It's a very exciting time just now in the life of my solo album, Reality Changes. I am going to the TopCat studios on a fairly regular basis in order to mix my album and get it ready for mastering. 

Mixing - In The Beginning

Had another good session today. Just a short one - mixing the second song from the album - In The Beginning - a 6 minute prog rock extravaganza featuring the awesome guitarwork of Rick Fenn - of 10CC - and the keboards of Al Park - (ex Cliff Richard).

We went through and tightened up several endings and ever-so-slightly out of time moments within specific instrumental tracks. Then, each track needed to be EQ'd and various compressors, limiters, reverbs, delays, etc. added as required. 

Percussion Session with Greg Sheehan.

Greg Sheehan

On Friday, December 13th, I invited celebrated percussionist, Greg Sheehan to join Brad and myself at TopCat Studio for a recording session where we add a variety of percussion tracks to a number of songs.

Tweaking the mix on Brother Sun, Sister

Went in to TopCat Studios today for a bit more mixing. I had planned to start mixing 'In The Beginning', the second song on the album but I wanted to tweak the mix of Brother Sun, Sister Moon first.

I've been listening to the first mix of the song for a couple of weeks now, and needed to adjust a couple of last week's settings, such as:

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