Almost done now!

So, I went back into the studio on Sunday, October 30 and took my Yamaha Pacifica guitar with me - a decent low to mid range instrument that gives a great sound. I also took my old Boss GT5 guitar effects processor as well and when I combine the two, I get all sorts of awesome noises.

In order to wrap up my album, Reality Changes, I only need to complete one more song - and so I went in with the aim of adding some electric guitar to the incomlpete song - The Long Forgotten Feeling.

I invited along a student of mine - a young boy named Daniel and his dad Joe - with the aim of giving them an insight into the recording process. I talked through what I was doing and why and they had the opportunity to listen to the track grow as I added the new guitar licks.

First up, I chose a clean, crisp sound on the Boss GT5 to harmonise over the top of a slightly distorted acoustic lead sound that I had already in place. This worked well, and I harmonised these riffs a third above the original ones. I also did the same to the acoustic guitar solo at the end of the piece. All done, sounded great.

Next up, I kept the clean sound on the Yamaha Pacifica and added one or two little lead licks to the song, just to fill (but not overfill) certain sections. These also worked well.

High Pitched Electric Guitar Counter Melody

I finally played with the idea of recording a few reverse guitar tracks and came up with a few really awesome sounding results. Two ideas stand out - the first where I played a high clean chord and sustained it for a long time, then reversed it. This gave a brilliant 'harmonic building-up to a change in sections.

Sustained Chord - Harmonic Build up

And the second, there I played a series of edgy harmonics on the guitar and sustained them - this resulted in a sci-fi sounding percussive harmonic ornamental moment midway through the final chorus section.

Sustained Harmonics - Sci-fi feel

And finally, I also added another high-pitched 'heart-beat' type affect on the 2nd and 4th beats of each bar in the second half of the song. I dropped the volume level so that you can barely hear it, but it does give the piece a slight 'something'.

NOt much more to go now - just another session to tidy up, and do the final mix - then I'm all done! Awesome!!


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