It's been so long ... but it's on track at last!

G'day folks, well, I've been on quite a journey these last two years - I've been dealing with issues that required a great deal of my head space and haven't been able to complete my album, Reality Changes - which is still sitting at around 95% completed!

My current plan is to remove one of the tracks I had intended to add to the CD, as I just haven't got the time to write a string arrangement he piece any time soon. I don't want to include it without the strings, so I plan to leave it until the next album is ready! Ambitious, I hear you say? Well, yes, but I have every intention to start up a second album the minute this first one is concluded!

So, where am I at just now?

I have sent one of my pre-mastered tracks, Brother Sun, Sister Moon to be mastered in by an online mastering company LANDR. They returned my song sounding pretty good - but I noticed on listening that there were three annoying "clicks" that I needed to address - and so I will be returning to the studio this coming weekend to remove them, giving me an updated pre-mastered track for this song.

Also, I have had Al Park work on a piano piece for my last unfinished song for this album, The Long Forgetten Feeling, and I need to do a little more work with him on it before I'm quite satisfied that it's ready to go.

Shouldn't be too much longer now!! Hooray!


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