Almost done now ...

It's getting very exciting these days! I'm only really a few more studio visits away from being completely finished with this album - currently named "Reality Changes". It's been an absolute labour of love and I've loved every minute of it!

Today I went in to tweak a couple of mixes and to record my lovely partner, Shirley, on Seesaw Marjorie Daw. This is a beautiful sonic depiction of childhood and some of the many delights it contained. It's a very special song, and a lot of magic has happened in its creation. For example, i wanted to run a backing track of children playing behind the song in its entirety and searched the internet for a suitable track - but to no avail. So I decided to set up my Rode NT1-A mic just outside my office door, on the driveway, and then go outside with Shirley and my two kids, Jessica and Ewan - then aged about 8 & 5. We then ran around playing tip for about 7 minutes or so - until a heavey downpour started just towards the end of our play session. All of it made it into the song - with only a couple of car noiss removed. It was just perfect - and the way the rain came down to finish the song was quite incredible.

Anyway, this song has a very special place in my heart, as it features all of my little family members. Ewan starts the song with the classic poem - "If all the world were paper, ... ", and he and Jessi sing several lines together, as wel as Jessi singing a lot of the song on her own - she has quite a haunting tone and it has taken it to a level far beyond that which I ever imagined.

And today I finally recorded Shirley, just singing a brief harmony with Jessi at the end of the song. She did a great job and it's so exciting to have us all on now! All except Buddy the dog, of course!

After Seesaw, I went back over Sword in the Stone and One Day Soon and tweaked them both. I reduced the level of the snare in both songs as it had been too loud and was really leaving no room for anything else - making it all sound really cluttered and noisy. As soon as I took the snare down, it felt much better - more space for the subtler things!

Also, I played with the EQ on one or two tracks, such as the guitar tracks on One Day Soon - to give it a little more bottom end - and some of my falsetto vocal harmonies - to remove some of an annoying hum around 440 Hz. Also raised volume levels on some tracks and reduced others.

Generally an enjoyable and productive morning. Only one more song to mix now - The Long Forgotten Feeling - and then I'm only tweaking the mixes, although I still need to finish writing and recording two string arrangements for my friends, Miles (cello) and Lily (violin) for One Day Soon and the Long Forgotten Feeling.

Until next time!


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