More Mixing ...

It's a very exciting time just now in the life of my solo album, Reality Changes. I am going to the TopCat studios on a fairly regular basis in order to mix my album and get it ready for mastering. 

So far, I've had to reschedule the completion date of the project twice. The first estimated completion date was to be November 22, 2013. I was unable to meet this deadline due to the many complications of life and so I rescheduled the completion date to March 14th. This is also looking very unlikely, however I am still making fairly good progress. I reckon I can now aim for the product to be competed by June 30th, 2014. The end of the Australian financial year. That sounds likea good date to me, and is appearing quite achievable, including final mixing of all songs, writing and recording the string arrangements for the two remaining slightly unfinished songs - One Day Soon and The Long Forgotten Feeling, mastering of the CD in Sydney, plus all artwork, text, photography, etc. and cutting and pressing the CD's.

My latest mixing sessions were for Merlin's Song (04.02.14 - 2.5 hours) and Sweet Lady Life (11.02.14 - 2.75 hours). Both songs are now sounding awesome, although I still have one or two slight "tweaks" I'd like to make. This makes it four mixed songs now - each only requiring slight tweaking. They are:

  1. Brother Sun, Sister Moon - still need to reduce reverb on whistle by a tad.
  2. In The Beginnng - Still need to bring up Rick Fenn's electric guitar throughout the song. It needs to feature a bit more than it is currently.
  3. Merlin's Song - Tweaked once already and sounding just about perfect now, however I've discovered that one recorder line is missing from one section of the song. Will see if I can find the previous recording of it and add it back into the song. If I can't find it - perhaps I'll just let it go ... or re-record it.
  4. Sweet Lady Life - Lovely mix done, however I'd like to see if I can increase the levels on the "Oohs" throughout the verses, and also see if the panned left and right backing vocals need realigning levelwise and currently the left hand channel sounds a bit louder than the right. Apart from that, it's excellent.

Loving this! More later!


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