Tweaking the mix on Brother Sun, Sister

Went in to TopCat Studios today for a bit more mixing. I had planned to start mixing 'In The Beginning', the second song on the album but I wanted to tweak the mix of Brother Sun, Sister Moon first.

I've been listening to the first mix of the song for a couple of weeks now, and needed to adjust a couple of last week's settings, such as:

  • The volume level on the mandolin - needs to increase.
  • The volume of the accordian in the final section of the song - needs to increase a bit.
  • The high 'D' whistle sound - which was reverbless or 'dry' apart from a slight echoed delay in the music. I wanted to hear what it was like with the addition of some light reverb. Not sre if I prefer the mix with the reverb - I'm listening to both
  • The word 'mean' in the very first verse is unfortunately out of tune, and so we tried the Autotune function and had a number of issues getting it working OK. We were eventually successful and I managed to re-tune the word and it sounds much better now. Like the real thing!

O, so once we'd done this lot, I decided to make two copies of a children's audio book CD that I recently composed for - one with no main vocal (music and sound effects only) and one with a quieter main vocal so the music is more audible. I had to do this as the original of the CD has the main vocal so oud that you can barely hear any background music at all! I will have examples of this music online shortly.

After I'd run off copies of each of these CD's - Brad and I decided to call it a day!

More next week, when we'll be in the studio with Greg Sheehan - percussion extraordinaire!



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