Mixing - In The Beginning

Had another good session today. Just a short one - mixing the second song from the album - In The Beginning - a 6 minute prog rock extravaganza featuring the awesome guitarwork of Rick Fenn - of 10CC - and the keboards of Al Park - (ex Cliff Richard).

We went through and tightened up several endings and ever-so-slightly out of time moments within specific instrumental tracks. Then, each track needed to be EQ'd and various compressors, limiters, reverbs, delays, etc. added as required. 

At the end of the two and a half hour mixing session we had a very tasty mix and bounced a copy of it onto CD. The only worry I had, and still do, after having listened to the final mix a number of times, is that the electric guitar needs to come up in the mix a bit. Some of Ricks awesome guitar work is getting lost in the overall combination of instruments - and this needs to be remedied. So, the very next time I go into the studio - I'll get Brad to re-tweak the levels on the guitar and we should have an excellent final mix of the song.


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