Pre-Mix Edit on Brother Sun, Sister Moon - Done!

Spent half a day in Top Cat Studion's with Brad Wann yesterday working on Brother Sun, Sister Moon. As previously mentioned, I'm currently going through all the songs and tightening up all the harmonies, pitching issues, etc. that need to be done, this will enable us to focus more on mixing and less on editing once we're in working on the final mix of all the songs.

I had been feeling that there was a little something lacking in Brother Sun, Sister Moon and so yesterday I took my Cort 6-string acoustic guitar in and played around with a few ideas. I tried a different tuning to the standard tuning that I usually play in, and so I tuned the guitar to D A D G B D and came up with a very simple, yet quite effective chord pattern which I added to the third and fourth verses, and to the two final choruses. The effect is that the overal texture for the second half of the song is developed and more interest added.

Here's what I mean. Below I have added two excerpts - the first one is a clip from the song taken before yesterday's guitar additions, and the second clip is from the song after the additions. Let me know what you think! Write a comment - chare, etc.!

Click here to hear the clip BEFORE the guitar was added.

Click here to hear the clip AFTER the guitar was added.

After I'd finished with Brother Sun, Sister Moon Brad and I worked on tightening up the harmonised Bass Guitar solo at the beginning of In The Beginning. I didn't take a copy of the audio, so, unfortunately, I have nothing to play for you now!

Don't forget - the target date for the CD Launch of my first solo CD, Reality Changes, is Saturday, November 22nd, 2013. There's still a lot of work to do, but we're getting there!

Cheers! Simon


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