More on Seesaw Marjorie Daw

Just a couple of days ago, on Tuesday, July 02, Brad and I were due to meet Riki in the studio for some vocal work, but unfortunately Riki was unable to stay, so instead Brad and I spent another couple of hours working on the alignment of all vocals - rhythmically and pitch-wise - for Seesaw Marjorie Daw.

It was a good session, but it's certainly taking it's time! So far we've spent two 2-hour sessions on the song - there's so much textural depth to it, so many vocal layers, on top of the massive amounts of harmonic and melodic material that it's simply gonna take time to align it all! That's why I'm wanting to start with the more difficult songs! First Merlin's Song, now Seesaw, Marjorie Daw. Maybe Sweet Lady Life next! Not really sure!

Ok - I'll give you more audio next time! See ya!


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