Another Pre-Mixdown Polishing Session

There's such a lot of layering in some of my songs, especially the three classical guitar based songs - Seesaw Marjorie Daw, Merlin's Song and Sweet Lady Life.

There are a great number of added tracks, over-dubs, etc. designed to give the final product a very rich and full sound, and with so many sound sources, it is very easy for them all to sound a little "clunky" or unpolished before editing.

So, what I'm doing, is I am going through each and every song on the album and polishing them all up. For example, I'm looking at the vocal lines - including harmonies - and making sure each line starts and finishes in the same way and at the same time. This way we get a lovely uniform sound - a clean, crisp product ready to be properly mixed down and then mastered.

Here's a few examples of today's recently polished tracks.

Merlin's Song

Seesaw Marjorie Daw

Sweet lady Life

See you next time!


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