New Project with Riki Gray & Tidying up Merlin's Song.

Today I began the first session in my collaboration with a local author and illustrator, Riki Gray. Riki has written a gorgeous children's book and illustrated it beautifully and together we have created a song that will accompany the book on a CD. It's pretty "hush hush" at this stage but it's quite exciting and we recorded a song today that was awesome! Watch this space!

Once Riki had left, Brad and I had a couple of hours to work on tidying up the various edits in Merlin's Song. All the songs on the album will need serious editing before we hit the mixing stage, to make sure that everything sits tightly together and with so many vocal harmonies, flute and recorder lines, midi lines, guitar, keys, etc. Merlin's Song was a very good place to start.

First up, I quickly added a super high bright falsetto line to various vocal lines in the chorus and bridge sections. These lines will not feature too much, but will add a nice, thin but bright high-register colour to the vocal harmony - especially in the sustained vocal harmony of the bridge section. Have a listen:

Bridge section - before upper harmony.

Bridge section - after upper harmony.

We went through and listened first to the various vocal melody and harmony lines and tightened up the overall timing so that each, word across all harmonies, sits tightly with the melody and that there is one very clean and crisp melodic and harmonic rhythm throughout. i.e., we made sure that the beginnings, ends and lengths of each word and phrase all matched up precisely. A job well done!

Example of "untidy" vocal harmony.

Example of "tidied up" vocal harmony.

Finally, we went through the recorder line, and half the flute line (we ran out of time!) and tightened up the timing as well as making sure the two woodwind instruments were correctly pitched throughout. Both instruments were often a little bit sharp in places and we went through and adjusted the pitch on specific out-of-tune notes. Again, although quite fiddly, it was a job very well done!

The plan now is to go through all the songs for the album and tidy them up. Get all the pre-editing done so the mixing down stage is much quicker and easier. I hope to go back in again next week!

See ya!



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