Jessi and I - back to the studio!

Yesterday, Saturday, May 25th, I took Jessi, my ten year old daughter and we headed back into the studio. She had done some awesome work on the 7 minute song about childhood, "Seesaw Marjorie Daw" and every time I play it to people they give a tremendous response! I feel so lucky, actually, because the song has come up far better than I would have ever imagined! Anyway, I'd been thinking about one or two other ideas - simple additions that Jessi could add to help the overall sound.

I recorded her on three sections, and I'll just play one here. The section that I'm showing will need to be re-done because I realised afterwards that I didn't ask her to sing the right harmonies! I stuffed up in the studio and remembered them incorrectly! Ah well! Back to the studio another time ... but here's a wee listen at Jessi's layered harmonies as they currently stand!

Seesaw Marjorie Daw - Jessi's harmonies.

Next up, after I'd taken Jessi home, I got the acoustic and electric guitars out and took to the song, One Day Soon.

I'd been wanting to give a little more punch to the second half of the song, which starts gradually and builds nicely, and so I got the acoustic guitar and added a syncopated vamp-style riff throughout the second chorus and through to the end. This was not overly 'in-your-face' but added a bit more of a 'drive' to the rhythm, giveing the piece more forward momentum. I was very happy with the result.

I then moved onto the electric guitar. I play a natural finish Yamaha Pacifica, 112. I consider this inexpensive guitar one of the best buys and offering the best 'bang per buck' of all the guitars I've tried. It's a great little instrument, giving a good clean sound, excellent intonation throughout, and it'll distort as well as the rest of them! It's a great little guitar! Anyhow ... I got the Pacifica out and came up with a simple muted arpegio-style riff to go under the second half of the song and, although low in the current mix, it adds a little momentum and mid-register tone colour to the piece. Nice!

To top it all off, I pulled out my old Boss GT5 guitar effects processor and ran the guitar through a screaming solo preset called 'Eddie's 5150' - in honour of Eddie Van Halen, and I pretended I was a real guitarist and layed down a very nice screaming lead solo over the outro. Here's a bit of a listen.

One Day Soon - Lead solo over the outro.

At the end of a four hour session, I was very happy with the outcome. All I need to do now for the song, One Day Soon, is to finish writing the string arrangement and have Miles and Lilly fly up to play it! Can't wait! Until next time!


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