Back to the studio for a three hour session!

Had a short but great session at Top Cat on Friday, May 10, 2013. I worked on the song "One Day Soon" adding a series of backing vocals which built up to and ran with the choruses. I added lots of "ooh's and aah's" in three-part harmony and it's really given the song a nice sense of "lifting" and building into the chorus.

Here's a quick listen to the end of the second verse heading into the chorus:

I finished off the session with a quick acoustic guitar solo. I had been listening to the beginning of the song "Starlight" for some time now and feeling that I was leaving it a little empty and so I decided to play around with the idea of recording an acoustic guitar solo over the harmonic intro.

In order to maximise the grunt to the acoustic Cort 6-string guitar we ran it through an old vavle amp and turned it up. We then mic'd up the amp and got a great slightly punchier sound which I then used to record the solo. I was really pleased with the results - it now reminds me of the biginning of the classic Yes song, "Don't Kill the Whale".

Here's a quick listen:

Back into the studio tomorrow with my daughter, Jessica. Hooray!


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