Our First Ever Gig!

Awesome Voices has just had it's first public performance as part of a Byron Bay poetry reading called Dangerously Poetic, held on Saturday 03 December, 2011 at the Byron Bay Community Centre.

There were about 30 - 40 people in the audience and they gave us a tremendous response. We sang five songs, in two brackets. We opened the show with an African number, Masithi Amen, and followed it up with Your Children, the Sweet Honey in the Rock adaption of Kahlil Gibrahn's The Prophet. 

For the second set we started with the traditional African song, Tandazo, then another Sweet Honey in the Rock song, Breaths, and finally Fly Now Bladud, a Macedonian melody with a set of Englis lyrics telling a story of the first ever king of Bath.

It was a wonderful first performance with the audience giving us a fantastic response. Everyone did brilliantly, and at the end of the day, we came away with a bunch of big smiles on our faces and a little bit of performance experience under our collective belt!

Well done, Awesome Voices.


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