When two worlds collide!

So on Wednesday, 14 November, 2011, I arranged to meet Al Park at Top Cat Studios so we could add the various midi tracks to the orignal studio-created songs. This was an important occasion, bringing the worlds of Al Park's keys and midi work into my tracks, because once they're all in the studio system I'll have a really good idea of how the pieces are to sound together and I'll be able to add or redo any other vocal or guitar parts etc.

This is an exciting time, as it really clarifies area's where the song is strongest as well as area any weak points. It also gives me the chance to develop the song in way's I had not forseen, and it also signifies that the album is getting closer to being completed!

Al brought all the audio files and the midi files as well - in case we needed to adjust any note pitches, lengths, etc. (MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface - is a system where all the musical information in a single played note can be passed between one source and another, eg. a keyboard and a computer, so that all aspects of the note - its pitch, duration, location and even the type of sound itself - can be altered as needed.)

We decided that we would use the audio files themselves - rather than the midi files - as we were very happy with the actual sounds themselves. For each file we had a choice between either a "dry" sound or a "wet" sound. The wet audio file has added reverb where the dry file has none.

For each of the 8 songs that required the added audio files it was important that we place the new files in exactly the right spot or else they would not properly align with the songs. This was a bit tricky in places but, for the most part, was a relatively smooth operation. At the end of the day's studio time, we had most of the files perfectly aligned with the original audio. There were a couple of files which were not useable, however, as they had also included (by accident!) other audio as well (such as the original file as well the new audio), and we needed the files to only include the one piece of audio information. For these files we had to go back to Al's midi studio to re-export the m as isolated audio files. Then back to the studio to incorporate them as well!

While we were there Al let us have a listen to his piano work for the song "One Day Soon". He's done a beautiful job, and the piano takes the song to a whole new place. I've included a clip from the first verse for you to hear. See ya later!


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