Men Wot Sing at Blackheath

Last weekend myself and the boys from Men Wot Sing - my totally awesome blokey entertainment group - made our way via plane, train and automobile to the beautiful town of Blackheath, two hours west of Sydney, in NSW. The occasion was the annual Blackheath Choir Festival - a wonderful event, held over a full weekend, showcasing a collection of some of the best choirs around. It was our third appearance in this festival - although Men Wot Sing has not sung there for about three years!

On this occasion our numbers were a little low. Normally we have around 16 - 18 lads but this time we went with only 12. It was especially challenging as our baritone section had basically sufferend a haemorrhage with three of our strongest baritones being unable to attend. It was dead challenging!

When I conduct the group I often sing along, but my voice is normally placed at tenor or even alto range. Singing baritone for an entire gig is a hard sing for me, and often tires my voice a little more quickly than it might otherwise tire.

So ... how did we go? The feedback was generally very positive. We all knew that we were capable of a much better performance, but the audience in general seemed to enjoy the show.

Here's a link to the Blackheath Choir Festival website, if you're keen to check it out!

And while I'm here, here's the link to the Men Wot Sing website:

If you haven't yet seen Men Wot Sing, definitely check us out!

Talk again soon! Simon


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