Another session in the studio

Back from another session in the studio today. I had five hours recording at Top Cat studios: where I've been recording the album since early 2010. Dirk was unable to continue to work with me at SAE due to time pressures and so I approached Brad at Top Cat and he was very happy to work with me.

Since September 2010 I have worked with Brad at Top Cat and we've had a fantastically productive six months. So far I have recorded guitar and vocals for fourteen songs, and the guitar for three instrumental pieces.

Once I had the guitar in place I put down some lead vocal tracks. This has been tricky for me as my job as a high school music teacher tends to leave me chronically vocally fatigued. This is very frustrating for a bloke that likes to sing! So I have to time my vocal sessions for periods when I've had some vocal rest such as school holidays. This is why I had my session today - so I could be best vocally prepared for a solid vocal session.

The session went very well and at the end of the five hours I had completed three lead vocals, and two lots of backing vocals. A great effort!

On top of the bare guitar and vocal tracks I had been adding other musical ideas such developing the rhythm section - bass and drums. I have been playing bass lines, and I have commissioned young drummer Daniel Muszynski of the Glass Towers to record the drum tracks. He has done an excellent job on four songs so far,and will be working on another three or four shortly.

Once the drums and bass were in place it was time for some more production with the addition of overlaid tracks such as lead guitar, percussion, additional backing vocals and midi orchestral arrangements. I have been very lucky in my production and have already worked with some excellent musicians of extremely high calibre. In my song "In the Beginning" - a creation myth - Rick Fenn of the supergroup 10CC has played an awesome electric guitar solo which has lifted the piece to an altogether new level. Also I am working with talented keyboardist Alan Park,who has worked with Cliff Richard for over twenty years. He is helping me by developing some awesome orchestral and keyboard arrangements for a number of songs. These are still works in progress and I hope to take the completed audio files to the studio in the near future. It's very exciting to watch these songs come together!

That'll do for now! I'll write more after my next recording session.


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