Vocal Technique

Vocal Technique

There are as many different views on correct vocal teaching (pedagogy) as there are vocal instructors throughout the world. Most teaching techniques will, at some stage, talk about the breath, mention the diaphragm muscle, support, intonation (pitch), scales , etc. Basically all teaching techniques or pedagogies are designed, some better than others, to develop the voice with the aim of transforming the singer into a wonderful vocal instrument.

This section of The Singing Voice will focus on two very different vocal pedagogies, both of which are highly developed and respected world-wide, and come with an impressive list of singers who swear by their favourite technique.

These are the Speech Level Singing pedagogy of Seth Riggs, and the Estill Voice Model of Jo Estill. Let's have a look at these two models.


Seth Riggs

Speech Level Singing


Jo Estill

Estill Voice Method