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Ready for Mastering at Last!!!

Yes, folks, it's been a long time coming, but I can now announce that my full album, Reality Changes, is officailly fully mixed and ready to be mastered. Hooray!!!

I finished the final track, The Long Forgotten Feeling, on Saturday 26 December, 2016. All it took was a little bit of...

Almost done now!

So, I went back into the studio on Sunday, October 30 and took my Yamaha Pacifica guitar with me - a decent low to mid range instrument that gives a great sound. I also took my old Boss GT5 guitar effects processor as well and when I combine the two, I get all sorts...

The Singing Voice

The Singing Voice is an educational website designed to answer  questions about singing and how the voice works. The educational journey of the singer is a long and arduous one and many questions will arise along the way. It is my hope that The Singing Voice will provide answers to some of these questions.

The Singing Voice will develop over time as I continue to update and expand the site with more information and useful activities. Also, a little further down the track, I hope to include a series of exercises for vocal development as well as comprehensive warm ups for vocal health and longevity. 

So ... What's The Singing Voice all about?

Simon Chate

Men Wot Sing

I've been the musical director for the Super-Dooper Group Men Wot Sing since early 2004 and since then we've gone from being a relatively sedate all-male choir to becoming a totally bodacious, boganeriffic entertainment troup of about 12 - 20 blokes (depending upon the weather!) leaping about on stage and singing about all sorts of things in ear-blitzing harmony and very intersting clothes!

Working with Men Wot Sing has indeed been a highlight of my life over the past years and one which continues to bring big smiles to loads of people - and not just the boys from Men Wot Sing!.

Stuff wot Simon does with singing!